Merter / İstanbul, TURKEY
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Merter / İstanbul, TURKEY
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the new attraction center of women's wholesale clothing!

About Us
A new shopping culture is rising in the wholesale women's clothing sector in Merter, the heart of Istanbul!
Within an area of +7200 square meters, exclusive brands and spacious stores are in Lady Mall Merter.
We are growing every day with new brands and the business culture we have developed. Be informed about our innovations.


A brand new wholesale shopping culture that will make you feel the prestige and quality in every detail is in Lady Mall Merter.

Modern Stores
Stores that will increase the prestige of your brand
Spacious Common Areas
Stylish and modern common areas
Large Warehouses
Wholesale textile business model


In the heart of Merter, on +7200 square meters area, 62 stores and 22 warehouses

In addition to its modern architecture, Lady Mall Merter includes every detail to ensure that your time is saved and your income is increased.

Brands Joining Us

We host the most exclusive brands of the wholesale women's clothing sector.

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You can read the articles and news from our editors that feel the pulse of the sector and the business world.